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Jackpot spin online game

Jackpot spin
Jackpot text and roulette wheel graphic. Source: gettyimages

Jackpot spin has been in the betting world for quite some time, changing the lives of people. The game keeps users entertained and earns them money at the same time. Only a gadget with an internet connection is needed to get access to the game. GamePawa, the most genuine online casino, requires you to register for an account to start participating in the game.

Jackpot spin
Jackpot text and roulette wheel graphic. Source: gettyimages

Jackpot spin is available for anyone who is above the age of 18 years. Placing a bet for the game requires a small amount but the payout is a lot. This game is genuine and records all your wins for future reference. Scan through to know more about jackpot spin.

Play jackpot spin-win slots

To play the jackpot spin game, search for on your internet service provider. Register for a profile by keying in your phone number and a valid password. Log in to your profile and scroll down to select jackpot spin. You will need to top up a deposit that is used for placing a bet.

Can you win money on jackpot?

Yes, jackpot spin pays out real money. A minimum bet of Ksh 30 pays out a maximum of Ksh 1500 while a maximum bet of Ksh 1,000 can pay up to Ksh 50,000. Jackpot spin cash out is genuine. You can see all your total wins in the record kept by GamePawa.

How do I withdraw money from jackpot game?

Go to the GamePawa homepage and click on profile which is in the right lower corner of your screen. Select withdraw to see your total balance which is displayed on a table at the top. Choose any amount that you wish to withdraw, the minimum being Ksh 100 and a maximum of Ksh 10,000. Click the withdraw button to get jackpot spin real money.

How does jackpot work?

Jackpot spin-win slots are divided into 11 sections on the wheel. An arrow is placed on the inner side of the wheel to show your winning price when the wheel stops spinning. The different sections on the wheel include four gems, namely 2, 3, 4, and five. These gems multiply your wins to higher amounts.

How do you make money on spin and win?

Jackpots spin money is awarded when you place a bet of your choice starting from Ksh 30. The betting amount can be multiplied by the prices of the gems either 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. Additionally, the arrow can point to a part of the wheel that has money after spinning.

Jackpot spin app

GamePawa provides a download link immediately after logging in to your account. Use this link to download the GamePawa jackpot spin app. Besides playing the game from this recommended app, it is also possible to withdraw money. Downloading the app is free and does now require any fee.

Jackpot spin legit or not

Is jackpot spin legit or not? Jackpot spin is a legit game that pays out real money. The online casino that provides this game, GamePawa, is approved by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Additionally, there is a record kept for all the times you participate in the game.

Does Jackpot spin pay real cash

Have you been asking does jackpot spin pay real cash? Yes, the money won after paying jackpot spin is real and can be withdrawn to a mpesa account. Select the record icon on the right upper corner of the jackpot spin homepage to see all the cash won.

FAQs about Jackpot spin

Is Jackpot spin real money?

Yes, every jackpot spin-win pays out real money. Better yet, this money is withdrawable to a mpesa account. Go to your profile and select withdraw to get all the money won by playing jackpot spin.

Is wild spin jackpot legit?

Have you been asking is the 777 jackpot spin legit, or is the wild spin jackpot legit? Yes, all online casino games provided by GamePawa are legit. Over and above that, the money is paid out instantly.

Do jackpot games pay real money?

Yes, jackpot games pay real withdrawable money. All winners, including jackpot winners, are announced and their names are displayed on a red line on top of the screen.

What is jackpot spin customer service number?

The jackpot spin customer service number is 254 702239722. You can contact this number either on Whatsapp or on a direct call. There is always someone to help you through that number 24/7.

Last but not least, jackpot spin can be played by anyone 18 years and above. This game is genuine and pays out instantly after winning. Register for a profile at and start playing to win real money today.

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