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Wheel of fortune online game in Kenya

Wheel of fortune
Gaming wheel of fortune. Source: gettyimages

Wheel of fortune is an online casino game that involves spinning a wheel to win money. The game is brought to you by GamePawa—a casino that allows you to play games online. Playing this game does not require you to have any skills. Instead, you just enter a bet and spin the wheel then wait for your winning prize to show up.

Wheel of fortune
Gaming wheel of fortune. Source: gettyimages

Playing wheel of fortune places you in a position to win up to Ksh 10,000 every time you spin the wheel. You will need to get a profile at GamePawa to play the game; which is an easy step to follow. Carry on to know more about the wheel of fortune game that is easy to play and well-paying.

Play wheel of fortune

Go to the GamePawa home page and select wheel of fortune to play the game. Click top up and deposit an amount of your choice; Ksh 50 is the minimum amount. Select return then place a bet with Ksh 30 being the minimum you can place. Press the spin icon to play the wheel of fortune game.

What is a wheel of fortune spinner online?

The wheel of fortune spinner is a disc-like wheel that has prizes indicated on the different divided sections. A constant gem is on the inner top of the disc wheel and shows the winning prize when the wheel is rolled. The wheel is divided into eleven segments with a free spin being one of the winning prizes.

Toss up challenge

Wheel of fortune has 11 puzzles that have winning prices. Instead of tossing up dice, you place a bet then spin the wheel and a puzzle will stop at the constant gem. The winning prize on different puzzles is added any time you increase the betting amount.

Tune in for a chance to win money in Kenya

Have you been wondering how to get on wheel of fortune? Go to on your internet service provider.  You will be eligible to participate in the game after registration. Choose a betting amount of your choice later and spin the wheel for a chance to win real money that is withdrawable to mpesa.

Main game

Select casino which is on the left lower corner of your screen. After that scroll down through the available casino games and choose wheel of fortune. The main game is also found on the GamePawa app.


Search for on any device that has an internet connection. Afterward, key in your phone number, preferably one linked to your mpesa account. Then enter a valid password and register to get a profile with GamePawa. You can play wheel of fortune after that.

Wheel of fortune login

You can log in to your GamePawa account after registering for a profile online. Go to and select the login icon for wheel of fortune login. Enter your phone number and the password you chose while registering.

Wheel of fortune app

A link for the GamePawa app will be displayed on your screen after registering and logging in to your profile. Click on the link that will lead you to a different tab and download the GamePawa wheel of fortune app. This app is free and contains all the online casino games including wheel of fortune.

Wheel of fortune bonus

Click on the top up icon on the wheel of fortune homepage and deposit any amount. You will be awarded a deposit bonus after doing it several times. It is also possible to get a wheel of fortune spin for free after depositing and playing the game multiple times.

How can you win money on Wheel of fortune?

Enter a betting amount and spin the wheel. A winning prize will be displayed when the wheel stops. All your wins are recorded and can be withdrawn.

How many times can you play Wheel of fortune?

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can play wheel of fortune. Better yet, any time you place a bet and spin the wheel, you stand a chance to win real money. Play with a minimum bet of Ksh 30.

FAQs about Wheel of fortune

What does Wheel of fortune mean?

Wheel of fortune on GamePawa is a disc wheel that has prizes indicated on the divided puzzles. You are required to place a bet to spin the wheel. A winning prize is shown by the constant gem once the wheel stops spinning.

How do you play the game Wheel of fortune

Go to to play wheel of fortune online. Top up a deposit that will be used for betting. Return and enter a bet of your choice then spin the wheel.

Who was the first host of Wheel of fortune?

Chuck Woolery was the first host of wheel of fortune. He hosted the game from its premiere in 1975 to December 25, 1981. His contract was not renewed after leaving.

In a nutshell, wheel of fortune is a game anyone above the age of 18 can play after registering for a profile. All you need is a device with an internet connection. Register now and start playing to win real money.

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